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CPH recertification credits are NOT restricted to CE Partner-sponsored activities. See our complete recertification guidelines for more information. However, this quick search resource can help you find CPH recertification credits that match your preferred location and program domain. All recertification credits listed are offered by our CE Partner providers. Please check back frequently as additional CE Partners will be added on an ongoing basis.

Did you know? NBPHE partners with two platforms which offer CPH credit for any of their public health offerings.

Check out:

  • Public Health Foundation's TRAIN Learning Network
  • National Network of Public Health Institute's Public Health Learning Navigator

    List the specific provider when reporting your activity, but be sure to mention "TRAIN" or "Learning Navigator" in your description. Report 1 credit for each hour of study.

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      Note: the list below reflects the new 2019 CPH Exam Content Outline. Results for these domains will be narrow initially.

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