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Who's Calling Me Fat? or, How Columbia Got Its Obesity Prevention Campaign Back on Track
University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health
This e-module engages learners in a real-world dilemma, problem solving & teamwork to tackle a current, high-impact issue in eating disorders prevention. It is designed not for self-instruction but for use with a group of >9 learners who take part in the e-module together during a set 3-wk period of instruction where learners interact with the instructor & fellow online learners & complete a small-group project. Reading & writing assignments can be done at the learner's convenience.
Offering Format(s): Other
Domain(s): Program Planning
Distance Learning: Yes Credits: 12 Location: Boston, MA USA
URL Link:
Additional Information: To learn more about or participate in the e-module, contact Erin Gibson, MPH at